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  1. There��s no shortage of shake-ups this time around! wholesale halloween costumes Brooke Valentine makes her grand debut while enjoying the sunset in Huntington Beach. ��I took some time off to raise my son, but now I��m ready to get this thing popping and I know you��ll all been waiting,�� the singer admits. She��s joined by the heart-throb, Marcus Black, wholesale halloween costumes who just got off tour and the lovebirds are making beautiful music together. It��s revealed they��ve been together for over a year! When they first met, he was in the middle of a divorce and things ended up evolving between the two. His mom gives her the ��stamp of approval,�� but there��s something still preventing him from going down the altar just yet! As expected, Hazel-E��s ��women��s wholesale swimwear empowerment�� event is all that and MORE. Miss Nikki Baby shows up and admits that her and Safaree decided to be just friends. When she walks by Moniece, Masika and Zell, it��s clear there��s MAJOR tension. As Moniece says, ��does she ever wear anything other than ��I��m open for business�� outfits?�� Hazel ends up pulling up in a helicopter wearing a huge fur coat, before taking the stage to perform her red-hot jams. When she begins her speech to thank all the attendees, Masika interjects and things quickly go from zero to 100. After the ladies hurl insults at each other, a drink is thrown at Hazel-E and security has to pull the women apart! Later, Teairra swimwear manufacturers Mari and Hazel meet up to try to bury the hatchet, but it looks like there��s a lot of animosity between the former best friends. What starts off as a friendly interaction quickly turns to a heated argument. Hazel makes a comment about her weight and Teairra slams her for living off credit card fraud. ��Everything about this little Hollywood persona that Hazel is trying to present is fake,�� Teairra says, even calling her a Miss Nikki Baby knock-off!
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